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New Single and Music Video!!

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Where Music Goes is a compilation album released in 6 parts during the second half of 2021. It culminates with the release of "Two of Wands" a song with accompanying music video. 

The releases set as a reminder to be carefree in the elements of creation and music.

Some of the songs were completed merely days before being released, some were more calculated. Each two song release brings the listener into the world of music klark creates. 


The final piece of the project the Two of Wands music video describes the dichotomy of facing the realities of life while pursuing your dreams. 

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Two of Wands video

Special thanks to: John Roche(Director), Alex Wilson, Barbara Pita, Sara Joy Davis, Daniel Hyman, Anthony Doud, Bass Salama

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This is the first klark sound record that was not recorded/produced by klark. Instead this 2020 quarantine became an opportunity to try something that klark probably would not have had time for if the pandemic had not happened. Big thank you to Zach Pyles for whom without which this entire record would not be possible.

For klark, making music is an exploration, constantly searching for something outside of the body and mind. Recording serves as a defining moment of that searching, a snapshot of the moods and learnings for a time.

This record has new collaborative elements in the bandstand. klark called upon his live band to record the rhythm section, and then to a plethora of local musicians to add production elements. THANK YOU to all those involved in the recording process.

Now onto the next one!

Thanks for listening.


Artifactory is an album with the feel of a compilation. The first half are songs recorded with members of klark's new live band. This is the first time that klark's music has taken incarnation in a live environment and why these songs are an important artistic milestone. As the album progresses the songwriting and recording styles shift to the traditional multi-instrumentalist pursuit, and by track 5 the songs are all recorded and produced by klark.

Overall the theme for this album is about creation. The lyrical content and message's therein center largely around self-motivation and encouragement of creative pursuits. Often there is a judgment process that impedes creativity. As a human develops they are hopefully more able to recognize over-critical tendencies towards creation; Stripping oneself of these frivolous attitudes is a liberating moment for any artist.



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Clark Hamilton is a sensitive musician with extraordinary ability. His arrangements often capture a feeling of pastoral nostalgia. With an arsenal of diverse instrumentation, he wields a dense palette of sounds, emoting with a both a pure simplicity of heart and also an articulate complexity of contrasting rhythmic interludes and soundpieces. Clark is one of those unique masters of their craft, a persistent and unrelenting student who constantly surprises and beguiles the listener with a seemingly endless bag of tricks. Yet the tricks are without gimmick, and through the illusion that is the art of music, a genuine joy and selflessness shines through.

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